Here is Mr. Randy's Pet Shop:

Hi, I'm Randy. All my pets, puppies and kitties are from shelters and or have been abandon.

💗💗 💗💗 💗💗 💗💗 💗💗 💗💗 💗💗 💗💗 💗💗 💗 💗💗 💗💗 💗💗 💗💗 💗💗 💗💗

d o g
c a t
b i r d

Phone number: 1567735390784
address: Sky LINE N0.5

if you want to buy a anminal, please take care them for a hole life,we dont accept it to GO Back, hope you enjoy the pet you choose.

Instruction about my pet shop

this shop is the animals that Mr.Randy find on the street, we give all the things at a normal dog will have, so if you want to buy them, just dont worried about their health, we take care them very well

picture of my pet shop!


the food for cat is $4 per grams

For dog is $7 per grams
For birld is $3 per grams